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Home PC and Gaming Computers

looking for a PC.
we can build them for you.
Any computer. from refurbished and second hand low cost systems
to state of the art new power gaming rig's.
we do them all.

Server Computer Systems

We build Networking ,VOIP(Voice and video) servers ,Gaming
,Data Storage ,Data processing and File Sharing servers.


We custom design develop and build software solutions.
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Help with installer

Nickname: Majin
Subject: Help with intstaller

A Little Help

when running one of our setup programs you'll see something similar to the above picture
giving the appname and a serial number of the program you are installing
enter the appname and serial number in the white box at the bottom of this page
and click on the Request CD Key Button.
That automatically adds the info to your shopping cart.
u will see your shopping cart is then displayed.
Then click Back to Main Page if u have another product requiring a key
if not then click continue purchase. a test


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